Puik Puik of South Sulawesi

puik puik of south sulawesiSouth Sulawesi is not only rich in natural resources , but also rich cultural heritage and the arts . It can be seen from the diversity of culture and art from the region , such as traditional rituals , dances, to traditional musical instruments .

One of the traditional musical instrument of South Sulawesi is puik puik . Puik puik is a traditional musical instrument originating from South Sulawesi and is played by blowing . This instrument is made ​​of wood and iron made cone pipe at the base there is a sound producer .

Shapes and sounds generated from traditional musical instruments of South Sulawesi is generally about the same as serunai of Minang and Selompret of Betawi. However, there is little difference in the base and the existing engraving on the body of the instrument .

Base on puik puik made ​​of sheet metal . The pipes produce sound that comes from palm leaves were blown pieces . Typically , there are two on puik puik palm leaf blades , one of which becomes a backup if the other palm leaves damaged . Because the use of palm leaves , blowing traditional musical instrument is in need of special skills . If any blow by , puik puik will only produce sound strange even totally silent .

Puik puik usually played in conjunction with other traditional musical instruments used to accompany performances and traditional art originating from South Sulawesi, such as dance and stunt pakkarena maraga . Puik Puik one music tool that is rare , so the price is quite expensive to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars .

Puik Puik, a unique souvenir from South Sulawesi .


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